We offer a wide range of personal insurance.

Life Insurance can help protect your family against the devastating financial impact of death or disability. Please contact us to help you find the optimal insurance, to help protect your family.

Income protection insurance, or sometimes referred to as salary continuance, can replace your income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Income protection can sometimes be included in various other policies, for example, your superannuation, but it may not offer sufficient coverage so it’s best to contact one of our advisors to ensure you have adequate cover to suit your needs.

A serious illness can strike us at any time. If this happens it’s important to have an insurance that will cover the bills and loss of income.

Trauma cover provides you and your family with a lump sum, to manage the many and ongoing costs of medical treatments, rehabilitation, home adjustments, outstanding debts and living expenses following major illnesses or injuries.

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance provides cover if you are totally and permanently disable. This policy ensures you will paid a lump sum; that will assist you with costs of rehabilitation, debt repayments and the future cost of living.

Key man insurance is the businesses contingency plan. The policy is in place to protect the business against the loss of income generated by key staff members. The business takes out a life insurance policy on one or more staff members who generate large profits for the company. A key man can be anyone within your company or business which generates a substantial income or has a wealth of knowledge vital to the running of the business.

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